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Artist Statement

Let me start by saying that art was not my first love, music was, playing the clarinet and french horn. In the 10th grade I took art classes for the first time while attending Marion High School and absolutely loved them. I came to the realization that God had other plans for me.  I have lived in Clarkedale, Arkansas most of my life and relate to Crittenden County and the tri-state area. Looking at the farmer’s fields, as the crops and seasons change, is just majestic to me. Just watching the clouds pass over the fields all around me is absolutely beautiful and hope to convey these emotions in my work. I took this desire with me to Memphis College of Art, where I received my Bachelors of Fine Art/Graphic Design degree. During my time there, painting was put on the back burner, as I studied 2-d and 3-d design, illustration, printmaking, and paper making, etc. After I graduated, several years went by, but I was drawn back to my first love of painting and I have never felt so strong and renewed! My mom bought me several cameras and I started taking pictures and changing images to what I liked. Studying and drawing from other artists work was not for me anymore. I do only original work and that is so important to me! I love to see people take another look, because they may have missed something the first time around when looking at my artwork. God has always blessed me to have a close knit family, that encourages me to do my best! This is who I am, and believe you can identify with my love for the beauty around me. Looking at my work, I hope you will see what I see.



Original Artwork

All of my work is original.   

Costs depend on size and detail involved.


All original work on this sight is copyrighted. Copyright 2019 © Catherine Vaughn

All rights reserved. All use of graphics, artwork, language etc., is copyrighted. Any reproductions without written consent is prohibited!!


I work in Oils or acrylic mediums.  


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