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                                            "Lone Farmhouse 1"

"Lone Farmhouse 2"

"Ready to Pick"

"Shelley Goes Under"

"Memphis River Scene"

                                                                                                                "The Tire Shed"

"The Wolf Field"

"Marion Courthouse"

"Bales of Cotton"

Fly Free"

"Time for a Break"

"Wilson Water Tower"

"Welcome to Wilson"

"Here It Comes"


"Brick's Store"

"Old Union Paradise Church"

"Baratti Store"

"The Silos"

                                   "Trees  with Expression"

"Cotton Field with Peach Tones"

"The Shotgun House"

"Jericho Liquor Store"


"Cotton Field with Blue Tones"

"Jason and Mouse 1"

"Lazy Day Duck Field"

"Jason and Mouse ll"

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